What If..

The devil is in the what ifs. He owns the words and he hands them to us in his beautifully “unmarred” hand, wrapped in sparkling bad juju ribbon.

What if I fail. Everyone fails.

What if others make fun of me? They probably will, but what does it matter. Humans fail each other and hurt each other. That’s enviable.

What if I offend someone? I’ve been told I’m good at that it. They don’t have to associate with me or they will get over it.

The devil is great at keeping us complacent and hidden. Lounging next to us, tapping his fingers on his thigh while telling us, “I told you so”.

It’s hard to put yourself out there and reveal what your passionate about. What you believe in.

What if I help someone with what I do? What seems little to you may mean life or just a moment of happiness for another.

What if I help myself? Great! I surely don’t feel selfish for making myself happy and fulfilled.

I will unpolitely toss the devil’s what if back at him and take back my God given determination to succeed. To succeed at being Me. God’s what if’s are a whole heck of a lot more exciting.



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