Where Do You Come Up With This Stuff?


There’s an overwhelming consensus that I’m the weirdest person my husband has met. (That’s probably the case in every marriage) But he married me, right? His fault, not mine. What anyone else thinks is insignificant, but I am curious. I always thought I just project everything in my mind, don’t hold anything in, and overall think the same as everyone else with the exception that I am more translucent.

Social gatherings, girls nights out…I can get pretty weird. Weird like say awful or shocking things that aren’t quite kosher to say in public. I try to hold my tongue and it’s improved with age. So, this brings me to what the heck is going through my (any weird person or writers) mind to come up with this stuff?

Creatively, I believe one has predecessors which carried the artistic gene, the weirdo gene, or better yet the lazy gene. The last was just a joke. We may look lazy, but our minds are constantly spinning. New ideas, new plots, new products, new medicines! Just kidding, I wish I could creatively make up medicine to save people. Alas, no I only think up fictional stories.

If you are allowed to let your mind wander, you can create any storyline imaginable.  One of my best friends read some of my book and her first question was, “where did you come up with this?” My answer was, “I just imagined if my husband died what would happen?” And the story just trickled in from there. That may be a horrible thing to think about, however I was spending a lot of time alone because he was traveling and I wondered what I would do if he left me alone forever.

I take into consideration all the places we have visited and lived, which gives me the basis for locations and scenes. I am lucky in the fact that we have lived in four different states across the country, so I have a lot to pull from. Many of the emotions my characters experience are easy to emulate from my own experiences. Of course all of the scenes are fiction so most have not happened to me, but some have. I’ll never tell. *creepy voice*

Sometimes I will watch people and create their story, or wonder what their story might be. Everyone walks a different path, everyone experiences different things. Even if two people have experienced the same thing, their perspectives are going to be completely different.

I fell in love with love. Partly because I finally found my love, and he taught me what passion is and what pure compassion towards another means. I want others to be able to feel what I feel, even if for a moment. He’s the most forgiving, understanding  and frustrating man. Therefore, I take out the frustrating part on my keyboard. 🙂 He tells me to stop saying all the weird things I say and just put them in my book, so that’s what I do to save those around me from my eccentric ideas. He’s never read ANYTHING I have ever written, which may be a good thing because he might ask me to stop.

I day dream about the good, the bad, the ugly, the past, the present, the future and eternity. My imagination is limitless, although I do place restrictions believe it or not, and I know I am not alone. Everyone is just as weird as me, they just hide it better.



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