When Your Load is Too Much, Your Priorities Are All Wrong



“God has future Joy for all His people who do not seek to escape suffering but, instead, seek to fulfill God’s purpose in it.”

“Suffering exists because sin exists. Jesus suffered and died to ensure suffering and death will end by righteous means one day.”

These verses can be applied to anyone’s life, at any time in life.

I have sat here in front of my computer for thirty minutes, typing and retyping. My quiet time, writing time, and my me time have been exhausted from my kids and sickness this past week. I have gotten very little work done, no writing accomplished, and after last nights little shenanigans, I’ve lost my legs like this poor donkey.

I need a babysitter.

I need a maid.



I really have nothing else to say other than, God bless Moms.



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