Is It a Journal or Is It Marketing?


Blogging is a phenomenon, which began as a way for people to keep digital journals. An online collection of users sharing with the world what most would only dare write in notebooks they keep next to their beds. However, as the digital era has evolved so has blogging. Now, users and businesses use blogging as a way to market their company or themselves.

6.7 million people publish blogs on blogging websites, and another 12 million write blogs using their social networks. That is a lot of individuals writing about themselves or their business. Blogging’s Popularity is rising, and those dabbling in social media are forced to ponder what the deal is with these people’s blogs; those not attached to a business.

I’ve got a story, and I want you to read it 

This is probably the most likely reason many people blog. They may be bored. (That’s me. Although, I am running 90 to nothing most of the day) They may have something they want others to read. (Me again. I’m writing a book) They probably want to get in the game. The digital game. I can not count the number of stay-at-home mom blogs I come across, but I get it.  I am one. The amount of boredom one undergoes after 2 pm is massive as well as a lack of productive communication until the husband comes home. There are things people just need to GET OUT!

I’ve got a product or service I want you to be informed of

Companies want to keep their customers up to date with their most current offerings. They want your business! So, they allocate portions of their marketing budgets for blogging. With the increased number of people on social media and blogs, blogging is easily shared, and the content is effortlessly consumed. Everyone has to market themselves or their business to get anywhere. Simply writing a personal journaling blog is marketing. Creating content which provides a solution or entertainment is what sets them apart.

Inserting advertisements and other monetizing agents in one’s blog is for another post. One I have yet to comprehend because I do not produce copious amounts of helpful content.

The best piece of advice ever given to me was, “You have to know where you are going in order to get there.”Goodluck to every blogger! You’re marketing is only as successful as your content is engaging.



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